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Crowdfunding an Academic Book: Robert Heinlein by Farah Mendlesohn

In our first guest post, Farah Mendlesohn takes us through the process of crowdfunding her close reading of Robert Heinlein’s work. The campaign was a spectacular success, reaching 100% funding in only ten days. Farah is donating her entire author’s royalty to two charities, Con or Bust and America’s Blood Centers. You can learn more, and get your own copy, at Unbound. In 2015 I was commissioned to write a 60,000 word book about the science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein for a series called the Masters of Science Fiction for Illinois Press. Robert Heinlein is one of the giants of...


How I started selling things on the Internet.

  About nine months ago, I wrote an article about my experiences so far with t-shirt selling. It was deep into last year’s holiday season, and I was selling a great many shirts at the time. Later, Teespring picked this article up and put it on their blog. My blog post had a funny name, and they gave it the SEO-focused name “Seven Steps to Selling on Teespring”. Since then, lots of people have told me how useful they found it. But some of them want more. So this blog, and eventually the book, is designed to give them more....